Power Flushing

Are you having to frequently bleed your radiators/ finding lots of air in your radiators?
Is your boiler working as efficiently as it should be?
Are some of your radiators partially cold or some completely cold when your heating is on?
Have you been hearing strange/ unpleasant noises from your boiler?

….A Power flush could be just what you need.


Power flushing is a way of cleaning an old system to make it more efficient.

The quick, clean and efficient way to remove magnetite and all particulates from the circulating system water during the Power flushing operation. This acts as a single pass filter that will filter out all the loosened debris circulating around the system during the cleaning process resulting in a reduction of around an hour off the average house cleaning time. The magnetic filtration unit collects all debris so that the householder can see what has been taken out of the system and reduces the chance of any debris re-entering the boiler which may cause early failure.

To protect the system from future ingress of corrosion particles, an inline Magmaster System Filter should be installed.



We have set prices for Power flushing a standard system –

£538.80 inc vat to Power flush on a flat/ house with a standard system

£718.80 inc vat for Power flush on a flat/ house with a standard system and supply fit a 22mm Magnaclean filter

We will typically book out a whole day to complete both these works.


Please be advised that we will need to attend and diagnose if a powerflush is required, as there could be other faults causing your central heating to not work correctly. A call out charge of £107.00 would be applied for the diagnoses, if a powerflush is the correct route to be taken and booked in with us then the call out fee of £107.00 would no longer be charged.



As the sludge and sediment builds up in the system it settles at the bottom on the radiators preventing the water from flowing to all panels. This results in cold spots on the radiators.

After we have power flushed you will find that heat can now circulate around into every radiator in your home as we have not only cleaned all the ‘sludge and sediment’ from the system but added in special inhibitor to help prevent future corrosion.

These images show you what poor /dirty system water looks like when running through your central heating system and boiler. The pictures are of dirty system filters before they are cleaned through with the power flush.

You can see why this can cause poor circulation for your radiators and boiler.

Before we power flushed this property, the system circulation wasn’t very good. And the boiler was having to work extra hard to push the system water around. As you can see this filter is heavily clogged from the dirty water.

After the power flush, you can see clearly where the filter is now able to push through the water easier, taking pressure of the boilers work and allowing the whole system to flow better.

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