Underfloor Heating

Installing a Worcester boiler in conjunction with under floor heating (UFH) can provide many benefits for the homeowner. These include a high degree of heating system efficiency, increased comfort, and no visual impact of radiators filling wall space. The UFH system may be used in one part of the house or throughout the property e.g. UFH may be installed on the ground floor and traditional radiators fitted on the upper level(s).

Compared to a traditional radiator heating system, which operates between 70°C to 82°C primary water temperature, UFH operates at a much lower primary water temperature typically 40°C to 65°C.

This is possible because the surface area of the UFH is much greater than that of a wall-hung radiator so a lower primary water temperature may be used to raise the ambient air temperature within that room.

UFH also helps to eliminate hot or cool spots within a room.

Under floor heating systems are constructed from plastic pipework and may be used with most Worcester boilers providing the UFH is correctly controlled with a thermostatic blending valve which limits the temperature of the circuits under the floor to approximately 50°C. The pipework from the boiler up to the blending valve must be in copper or steel.

Design and operational details need to be sought from the manufacturer of the chosen UFH system. This is a specialist subject and needs careful preparation and planning, as each installation is unique. The figure shown illustrates a typical system layout with traditional radiators upstairs and under floor heating downstairs.

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