Power Flushing

Power flushing is a way of cleaning an old system to make it more efficient. We have and use this machine: http://www.proflush.co.uk

The quick, clean and efficient way to remove magnetite and all particulates from the circulating system water during the Power flushing operation. This acts as a single pass filter that will filter out all the loosened debris circulating around the system during the cleaning process resulting in a reduction of around an hour off the average house cleaning time. The magnetic filtration unit collects all debris so that the householder can see what has been taken out of the system and reduces the chance of any debris re-entering the boiler which may cause early failure.

To protect the system from future ingress of corrosion particles, an inline Magmaster System Filter should be installed, details of this product are listed below and can be obtained directly from Norstrom Group Ltd.

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